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Why Choose The SIA?

The Strategic Intelligence Alliance [SIA] is a Healthcare Systems Data Analytics Company, with a mission to provide its NHS clients, with meaningful actionable results. Business Intelligence is essential for any organization, but vital in the healthcare context. In today’s blizzard of data, focus on the essentials is key to meeting targets, deadlines and improving outcomes.  
Its executive team has years of experience in data management and allied disciplines to optimise resources and improve capital allocation to deliver better service.
Across the NHS there are multiple recording systems, which produce data, but knowing how well and accurately interventions are recorded is essential. It is this internally generated data, and how it changes over time by age group, growth rate and the hinterland of Government generated external data, which places a premium on the choice of tools to filter out “noise” and to focus on the material “signal”.
In Healthcare the journey starts with the patient, as they pass through from diagnosis to treatment and care they create a measurable footprint.  Taken together this makes up a pattern of activity from GP surgeries, clinical commissioning groups, to hospital trusts and support organizations for social care and to complex areas of need like mental health
The SIA is a unique collaboration between healthcare and life science analytics.
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