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Why Quality of Life Measures Matter More Than Ever

If you are a patient who is receiving or has received treatment and care for serious conditions like cancer, or diabetes you know how important it is to have a holistic view of your health and well-being. You want your medical team to understand not only your physical symptoms, but also your emotional, mental, and social needs. You want to feel heard, supported, and empowered.

That’s why the SIA team is proud to have worked together with Suffolk and N.E Essex (SNEE) Integrated Care System on their analytics of patient care in cancer. This is a detailed questionnaire that goes beyond the usual “rate us” performance review. It looks at key factors that make up a life worth living, such as pain, mobility, self-care, normal routines, sleeping, appetite, anxiety, and depression. These are the core factors that inspired medical professionals to choose their career in the first place.

This questionnaire is not just a piece of paper that you fill out and forget. It is a vital tool that helps your medical team to provide you with the best possible care and follow-up. It helps them to tailor their treatment plan to your specific needs and preferences. It helps them to monitor your progress and adjust accordingly. It helps them to communicate with you effectively and compassionately.

This questionnaire is also a valuable source of information for the NHS ecosystem. It can help to improve the quality and efficiency of health services across multiple conditions and settings. It can help to identify gaps and challenges in patient care and satisfaction. It can help to inform policy and practice decisions that affect millions of lives. It could make a difference in your health outcomes and quality of life. And it could make a difference in the health system as a whole.

The SIA team and SNEE Integrated Care System are committed to making this questionnaire a core and well-explained component of patient care in cancer. We believe that this is much more than a questionnaire, but in fact a 360⁰ view of a patient that goes to the core of patient care. We hope that you share our vision and join us in this journey.

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