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The SIA and its partners work extensively with NHS bodies from GP groupings, CCGs, and acute hospital trusts.
IQVIA is the leading supplier of key bench-marking and analytical tools as well as performance analytics outcomes, e.g. PLICS, integrated service line reporting (iSLR) and clinical coding analytics (EPS} To improve patient care, innovation and outcomes at better value for the health system This is achieved via a transparent platform of partnership and cooperation between industry and the NHS, both nationally and regionally
The SIA develops Strategic Intelligence Models (SIMS) together with Public Domain Intelligence (PDI) to develop outline business cases which are used to link internal and external data to provide jointly actionable plans to improve patient and resource outcomes.
Thus data, clinical decisions and finance modelling are intimately linked. We take into account differential growth rates per age cohort, financial impacts and survival rates This is made available simultaneously to both clinical and operational management, avoiding information"silos" in a collegiate fashion.
Our DataCube modelling allows for population changes, diverse socio-economic conditions and disease incidence via advanced geospatial mapping. 
Additionally the SIA is working and developing  with specialist clinical networks like Cancer, Diabetes and Dementia, new ways of managing performance and KPIs in a heavily resource constrained environment.

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