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     How we work

The objective of the SIA is to work collaboratively with NHS bodies to deliver our range of services. This co-working initiative is based on the real world needs of the NHS clients and is developed with them, to focus on both specific and/or entity wide priorities.
In order to do so we obtain the required anonymised data under a data sharing agreement and agree the deliverables, time-scale and costs. We work first on the Outline Business Case (OBC) which is agreed in detail with our NHS client.
The relevant internal data is gathered into a SIA Data Cube, our processing model which relates patient data from ICD 10 level and develops a strategic intelligence model (SIM) either by clinical line or by a group of clinical lines from which individual operational, clinical, financial and organizational dashboards are developed. We look closely at the interface between the financial impact of decisions, review costs and sensitivities of decisions to provide operational resilience.
From these dashboards the SIA can overlay scenario measurement, and develop predictive outcomes based on real data. The Data Cube also incorporates Public Domain Intelligence (PDI) which allows changes in the immediate environment to be visualized. e,g. population changes, demographic profile shifts, new housing developments, all of which have direct consequences for NHS demand and planning. Sophisticated Geospatial mapping allows the SIA to produce highly accurate data on patterns of attendance, areas of social deprivation, disease incidence. The nature of the alliance means that the SIA can provide solutions not only from data flows and insights, but to dynamically address a range of challenges, from social media marketing and behavioural change to Health Help Now, assistance at senior management level and change management to advanced tele-health systems integration all under one integrated offering. The NHS is our client and our activities are firmly client focused and co-determined to deliver the best possible patient outcomes with optimal use of resources.
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