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  SIA  Using health intelligence to improve outcomes

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The SIA’s mission is a simple one: to help improve patient outcomes by provision of actionable health intelligence. To do so we engage with NHS bodies, healthcare charities and, where appropriate, with the life sciences industry.
We understand that people frequently find “big data” in healthcare intimidating, hard to understand or simply a threat to their right to privacy.
Why healthcare intelligence or data is so important is that it can provide non-obvious yet meaningful insights into systems issues, patient conditions, to improve outcomes. As part of its operating remit, the NHS produces a treasure trove of health data, at system and patient level, widely recognized as being the most complete of any developed nation. In the interest of transparency much of this is available under an Open Government License, whilst patient level data is tightly controlled.
Using data in a measured and responsible way our interest is to collaboratively engage and make such intelligence available in an easy to grasp format by processing it using advanced software processing including machine learning techniques. Much of the NHS data flow is high quality but may be in an inconvenient or demanding size or format, which makes deriving conclusions for driving decisions a problem for time pressed healthcare professionals and management.
The SIA was set up to include a mix of disciplines, from experience gained in the NHS, forensic accountancy, industrial engineering, data science, project management and business. Our services are delivered by experienced consultants, supported by senior colleagues, drawing on their years of cross industry experience.
The NHS is rarely out of the media, for both good and ill, and it is recognized that there are serious challenges not only related to funding, infrastructure, workforce, and IT issues with often problematic access to primary care or hospital referrals. Managing the post pandemic world has put most healthcare systems under major pressure. Trying to navigate this and reform the system to adapt to technological change is why increased use of good intelligence is both desirable and necessary. Otherwise, to manage both systemwide organizational changes and rising public expectations and demand will remain sub-optimal or at worst not met at all.
There are many organisations that provide information, and the system spends large amounts on management consultancy mainly top down, whilst others focus on pressure points and specifics. Many are well known providers, however given the scale of the challenges of an ageing population, and a switch in focus to a wellness agenda there is an ongoing need for help at all levels.
We believe that healthcare intelligence or data is a powerful tool to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and solutions, and to collaborating with our partners and stakeholders to achieve our common goals. We invite you to join us in our mission to make healthcare better for everyone.

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