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   The SIA
      Who we are?

The SIA was formed in 2017 as a Digital Transformation company in alliance with Healthcare data specialists IQVIA and selected partner companies to provide high quality data analytics services and actionable insights to NHS bodies at an affordable price to improve patient and resource outcomes 

Our Services & Partners

What we do

We are a Digital Transformation provider focused on NHS bodies.using the latest techniques

We populate our DataCube models with the client's historical and current data,enhanced by external local data. By running detailed analytics we provide an accurate view of the client's current position and statistically 

valid prediction of the future to make the best possible informed decisions

Advanced Solutions

The SIA has developed an advanced "Econophysics" Lab to provide more additional client solutions from big data & AI insights, collaborating with US based expert developers

Products & services

We provide a range of products aimed at key areas of challenge, including Cancer, Diabetes, Emergency Department analysis In and Outpatient flows and Cardiology

    NHS Services

The SIA is addressing with NHS bodies key "stress"areas in A&E, Cancer, Diabetes AF/Stroke and the Frail & Elderly to allow management of flows and cost impacts 

SIA Partners
Alliance Partners

The SIA  is a unique grouping of expertise from "big data" health analytics & AI, geo-spatial mapping, and tele-health systems to provide healthcare professionals with a key overview of critical areas

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Domain Expertise

The SIA has gathered a powerful grouping of expert clinicians, academics and health professionals

Ready to find out more?

The SIA is already working with a number of NHS bodies, from hospitals to specialist clinical networks to help them realize gains within and across their systems. This is a shared effort with clinicians and for the benefit of patients. The SIA modelling toolsets are made available on a build cost initial license to the NHS, avoiding creating costly dependency on a single supplier or software system.


If you want to know more about this unique collaboration and how it can work with you to realize better outcomes and results, please browse our site or contact us below


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